Component Taping

Taping Services

Fast Turnaround: Our normal turn around time is one business day, however, we are often able to receive, tape, and return devices the same day.

Large Variety: Our diverse inventory of in-stock carrier tapes allows us to tape a large variety of components promptly. We also have access to many additional tapes from our suppliers, or we can have one made for your device if a unique tape is required.

High And Low Volume: We tape quantities ranging from one device to millions of devices utilizing both manual and automatic taping equipment.

Component Handling: All devices are handled in an ESD protected, temperature and humidity controlled environment.

Competitive Pricing: No set-up fee, plus a low per-tape fee, and low per-device fee, allows cost effective taping of both large and small quantities.

Taping Benefits

Reduced Inventory: Eliminate the need to buy full reels of components. By purchasing only the quantity of devices required and having them taped, you can reduce inventory and the potential for obsolete material.

Reduced Component Lead Times: Rather than waiting for pre-taped components, purchase devices in any form available and have them taped.

Reduced Turn Around Time: Taped components enable you to complete each run in less time, utilizing pick-and-place automation and minimizing time consuming hand placement.

Increased Capacity: Taping components that would otherwise be hand placed allows you to produce more by maximizing the use of automatic equipment.

Improved Quality: Errors due to hand placement can be eliminated by the use of pick and place automation.

Additional Services:

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